Wireless Networks

In reference to the lack of a suitable telecommunications infrastructure, network managers are facing many problems and are interested to use wireless equipments in order to make network connections between two or more separate buildings.

Obviously, making these connections between sites, offices and branches of an organization in order to transferring information in minimum time, not only put the managers to a situation which face them with decision making process with actual, up dated and exact parameters, but causes the increasing of performance and productivity of human and equipments resources.

Using a powerful communication system is a brilliant idea to reach the above mentioned goals, and also can provide a reliable infrastructure to transfer information, voice, video and vast applications like these, in such an environment.

Some of the characteristics and features which spread wireless networks in cities are:

  • Continuity and stability of service
  • Accessing to ADSL
  • ProvidingĀ  private networks among organizations
  • The ability of installing and launching in minimum time
  • Ensuring quality and efficiency of system
  • High security and width band and communications management
  • Less cost for delivering service, maintaining and supporting for suitable quality
  • Returning of asset in a short time for leased line costs
  • Transferring telephone lines and images of surveillance camera
  • The possibility of supporting the others services which will be add to the current services of the network in the future


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